Call for papers

Talk submission is closed.

The talk committee is now scoring proposals for talks. Right after, we'll work on the schedule and publish it.

Selected speakers will be notified as soon as possible after August 18th, 2014. If you submitted one or more sessions, you can view their current status on the submission page.

Lightning Talks

As usual, there will be a session of five minute lightning talks. A separate call for proposals will be made for them further on.

We look forward to hearing from you, and seeing you in Madrid in October!

Program Committee

The proposals are considered by our program committee consisting of PostgreSQL experts.

Magnus Hagander Redpill Linpro, PostgreSQL Europe and PostgreSQL Core Team
Robert Ivens ROCLASI
Guillaume Lelarge Dalibo, PostgreSQL Europe and
Harald Armin Massa 2ndQuadrant
Dave Page EnterpriseDB, PostgreSQL Europe and PostgreSQL Core Team
Andreas Scherbaum EMC, PostgreSQL Europe and German PostgreSQL Users Group
Álvaro Hernández Tortosa 8Kdata and PostgreSQL España